Harris Wharf London

Assisting and overseeing trunk shows throughout the region, also helped in researching for different locations for new upcoming stores.

Michell & Co

Working with Alpaca Textiles

Overseeing the process of the production of alpaca based clothing. The manufacturing process starts from hand sorting, scouring, carding, combining, spinning, dyeing, knitting, weaving and retailing of the finest Alpaca products.


Working with the Publications, Exhibition, Communications and Photography departments to constitute and group together all of the Communication elements and curatorial research for the Fashion exhibitions staged by the Museum since 1987.


Press review, redemption analysis, fashion show planning, optimization of the shooting requests archive.

Marie Claire Magazine

My expirience at Marie Claire was a very formative one given the fact it was my first time in a professional work space. Roles and responsibilities included research assignments, valuable sample trafficking, and general administrative work.